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Ah!  About Me pages are kind of hard to put together.  Basically I like to write and take photos and share them (like every other blogger).  Both of my parents were journalists and I know my dad wanted one of his four children to follow in his footsteps... just one!  Instead he just got this ;)  Sorry Dad!

Anyways, I'm 24, I'm from California but now live in New York City, and I love traveling, photography, scuba diving, reading, and food (cooking and eating).  After I graduated from the #1 public university in the world (Go Bears!) I spent six months backpacking through Southeast Asia, which you can read all about here.  Even though I'm settled down (for now) there's no cure for wanderlust and my last international adventure was visiting Niacargua in the fall of 2014.  Next big trip?  Who knows!  Until then, I'll be posting about exploring New York, weekend trips around the East Coast, good eats, and anything else I find interesting. 

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No Response to "who"

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