Important!  The title of the blog.  One day I was trying to define how I have varied interests and love learning about many random, sometimes unrelated things.  The closest I could find was "renaissance man," but to compare myself and minor learnings to Leonardo da Vinci is perhaps the most arrogant thing I could think of... and besides, while I like to learn about things, I'm not actually talented at many things.  So down the Wikipedia hole I went and found a more relevant definition. 

"philomath (/ˈfɪlɵmæθ/; Greek: φίλος philos ("beloved," "loving," as in philosophy or philanthropy) + Greek μανθάνειν manthaneinmath- ("to learn," as inpolymath) is a lover of learning. Philomathy is similar to, but distinguished from, philosophy in that "soph," the latter suffix, specifies "wisdom" or "knowledge", rather than the process of acquisition thereof."

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