Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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barbados, 1 of 4

Remember that weekend it was super freezing in New York and everyone wanted to die/I didn't leave my apartment for 3 days straight?  Yeah, so that weekend I was so cold I spontaneously booked a trip to the warmest destination with the cheapest flight, which ended up being Barbados.  I've actually wanted to visit there for awhile now--ever since I read a Lonely Planet article on the Caribbean on a budget, where it recommended Barbados for beautiful beaches + good public transit.

And those things did deliver!  The flight down there was easy, thank you Jet Blue for old school leg room.  We arrived at 3am, which while not ideal for the aforementioned public transit, it was lovely to wake up (disoriented, at least me) to sunshine, warm weather, and the beachy white exposed beams of our Airbnb apartment.  The turquoise water didn't hurt either.  We spent the first day a little lost and confused but deliriously happy and stuffed with fresh fish + rum punch.  More thoughts on Barbados (my first trip to the Caribbean!) to come soon, but for now here's some beach porn to tide ya over.

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